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titleCorpus Christi. Gilded Bronze, XVII-Th. Century sculpture
makerAttributed to Gianfrancesco Susini
materialBronze, gilded.
dateApp. 1640/60
sizeHeight: 21,5 cm. Width: 21,3 cm.
conditionFine. A well cast and exquisitely modelled Corpus Christi. With "loose" beard, delicately modelled fingers and toes, pierced hands and feet, a highly correct anatomy and the proper dimensions. A little masterpiece with fine gilding. Some light, wear, as to be expected.
signatureNot signed
foundry-markNo foundry mark
literatureRotterdam Boijmans museum & Blumka Catalogues
colouringGold coloured. with a fine,delicate gloss.
descriptionThe iconic sculpture of Christ, here represented in a tenderly modelled corpus, the arms spread, feet resting onto each other, the eyes closed, the beard modelled loose from the neck, dressed with a simple loincloth. some small, unobtrusive imperfections in the casting, as to be expected. The attribution to Susini, not the lesser sculptor of his day and age, is not made lightheartedly, but after lengthy discussions with experts in the field and with serious considerations. Giovanni Francesco (Gianfrancesco) Susini (c.1585[1] – after 17 October 1653) was a Mannerist Florentine sculptor in bronze and marble. Susini was born in Florence, and trained in the workshop of Giambologna. He continued to work in Giambologna's style, and Susini's sculpture was already mistaken for that of his master by the end of the century. His uncle, Antonio Susini, was the principal bronze-caster of Giambologna, and the young Francesco received early training as a junior member of Giambologna's workshop. A trip to Rome in 1624-26 gave him first-hand experience of classical antique, 16th century, and the emerging Baroque statuary, latter exemplified by Bernini's youthful Apollo and Daphne, but his own Mannerist style was already matured. He made wax copies of the recently discovered Borghese Hermaphroditus for casting upon his return to Florence.His bronze reduction of the Laocoön [4] is likely based on the copy of it in Florence.
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