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Dear friends and collegues,

We've been busy with the renovation/restoration of our new premises, a well build, former wine merchants, and burgomasters house, a listed building in the oldest part of Dordrecht, close to the river.  Build appr. 1520 and renovated in the Napoleontic era, with [a.o.] a modernised facade, instead of the typical Dutch  gabled one it had.....             From the beginning  of 2012, we are no longer open at the regular times that you were used to, but "by  appointment only"...of course our telephone numbers and EMail addresses remain unchanged. Any mails or phone calls will be promptly answered.

We're always ready to take your offers, orders, or answer questions,

 And for our loyal clientele; Please do not worry ;

We will keep our "Triple A"  status...!!!

Take care!

Ernie Quist.